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EP11. Trump’s Next 100 Days

Bill talks with Brian Kennedy about lessons learned from Trump’s first 100 days and how he should spend his next 100. Bill shares stories about defending Trump at the Milken Global Conference in Los Angeles this week. He also talks about the war on drugs and just how far he would go to stop drug dealers. Finally, Steve Wynn shares the secrets to his success and how he’s able to continually stay ahead of his competitors.

EP10. A Conversation With the Country’s Best New Governor

Bill interviews Eric Greitens, former Navy SEAL and now Missouri Governor, about his early success in bringing jobs to Missouri. Then Bill talks with UC Berkeley professor Steve Hayward on the eve of Ann Coulter’s speech and possible riots. Finally, Steve Wynn explains a unique and creative way for Pres. Trump to persuade U.S. companies to bring their trillions of dollars of offshore profits back home.

EP9. Illegal Immigration Is Down. Does Pres. Trump Get Credit?

Immigration expert Mark Krikorian explains how Donald Trump has already helped slow illegal immigration. Bill weighs in on the tragedy that is American civic education. Brian Kennedy discusses how Pres. Trump should handle North Korea and China. Looking at the success of Republican governors, Steve Wynn explains how Republican policies are winning at the state level.

EP8. HHS Secretary Tom Price Joins Bill for an Exclusive Interview

Sec. Tom Price explains why Obamacare is collapsing and reveals that Republicans are still working behind the scenes to repeal and replace Obamacare. Then Steve Wynn explains why Republicans need to change the Senate rules so an Obamacare fix can be passed with 51 votes. Finally, Joel Farkas explains what game changing tax reform should look like.

EP7. Susan Rice and the “Unmasking” Bombshell

Bill and Byron York discuss the latest revelations surrounding Susan Rice and whether she broke the law by “unmasking” names of members of Trump’s campaign. Tom Joscelyn explains how the Trump team should handle Egypt, Syria, North Korea, and other hot spots around the world. Finally, Steve Wynn reveals what Pres. Obama did that led him to move to the Republican Party and support Donald Trump.

EP6. Pres. Trump Needs a Win

After the health care debacle, Bill explains how Pres. Trump can get some wins under his belt and start turning his poll numbers around. Brian Kennedy explains how dangerous North Korea really is and discusses how Trump can prevent the “deep state” from undermining his agenda. Finally, Steve Wynn gives an exclusive look at his job as RNC Finance Chair.

EP5. Will the GOP Plan to Fix Obamacare Fail?

Bill gives his thoughts on the GOP plan to repeal and replace Obamacare and comments on the passing of rock and roll legend Chuck Berry. Gordon Chang discusses how dangerous North Korea really is and how the U.S. should respond. Steve Wynn explains why we should be optimistic about the future of China.

EP4. The Conservative Opposition to Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Replacement

Senator Tom Cotton explains the conservative opposition to Speaker Paul Ryan’s Obamacare replacement. Bill blasts the faculty of Middlebury College for the protests turned violent. Steve Wynn explains Trump’s appeal and Brian Kennedy and Joel Farkas discuss what Trump’s economic nationalism means for everyday Americans.

EP3. Paul Ryan Says He’s Confident GOP Alternative to Obamacare Will Pass

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan explains how the GOP alternative to Obamacare works and why he’s confident it will pass. Then Steve Wynn joins Bill to discuss why Pres. Trump’s agenda will win over more union members to the Republican party. Finally, Brian Kennedy and Joel Farkas explain what Trump means by economic nationalism.

EP2. The Best Speech of President Trump’s Political Career

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich joins Bill to discuss Pres. Trump’s address to Congress and how he blew away everyone’s – even his critics’ – expectations. Steve Wynn, new Finance Chair of the RNC, explains how Trump can win over the unions. Then, Brian Kennedy and Joel Farkas explain how America’s missile defense system is woefully unprepared to stop an attack.

EP1. Vice President Mike Pence joins Bill

Vice President Mike Pence joins Bill for an exclusive interview to kick off the new podcast. Newly appointed RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn reveals how Pres. Trump persuaded him to help the GOP. Then, Brian Kennedy and Joel Farkas explains Trump’s “America First” agenda and what it means for national security.

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