How Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Helps Singapore Pools

Founded in 1968, sgp pools is a Singapore-based state lottery and sports betting operator. It provides citizens with a trusted, secure and efficient way to bet legally while combating loss of revenue to unauthorised gambling operators. In addition, it collects and channels lottery proceeds to charities and community development projects.

Its roster of products has grown over the years, offering more ways for Singaporeans to bet safely and responsibly. The most popular of them is Toto, a 6-out-of-49 state lottery game drawn once a week. Other products include the pre-printed lottery game The Singapore Sweep, the numbers game 4D, and football and motor racing sports betting. sgp pools is also responsible for regulating the industry and working with authorities to combat illegal gambling activity.

With the increasing adoption of digital technologies, Singapore Pools had to transform its IT environment and improve security to keep pace with customer demand. Its previous IT infrastructure was complex and insecure, preventing it from quickly identifying and responding to issues. The company needed a modern IT infrastructure that was both reliable and secure, and it also required a faster way to deploy its betting services.

This is why the company turned to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Its deployment of OCI enabled it to improve visibility of its IT environment and reduce the amount of time needed to troubleshoot issues. This helped them increase uptime and deliver a better user experience to their customers.

In addition to improving efficiency, OCI also made it easier for Singapore Pools to manage its IT infrastructure, reducing costs and complexity. Its unified platform also helped it improve data governance, which reduced the risk of cyber attacks and compliance breaches. The solution also allowed Singapore Pools to easily unlock additional capacity during the COVID-19 crisis, a time when data demands were at their peak.

The company attributed the success of its OCI implementation to a strong leadership team, a highly skilled and experienced IT workforce, and a clear definition of what was needed. It also recognized its IT partners, especially its OCI integrator, which provided its customers with a seamless and easy-to-use solution.

In addition, the company was able to deploy its betting platforms more rapidly with OCI. Its customers now enjoy the convenience of placing bets using their telephones, and winning prizes are automatically credited to their bank accounts. Moreover, the system is backed by a strong fraud management framework, which helps ensure that the integrity of the system is maintained at all times. With these benefits, sgp pools is on its way to becoming one of the top lottery operators in Asia. Its roster of innovative products and high levels of service have boosted its customer base. As a result, it has a leading market share in its respective segments. In the future, the company hopes to continue expanding its presence and providing its customers with a world-class experience. As such, it remains committed to being a “Company for Good.” Its social responsibility initiatives include iShine Cloud, which offers other charities a suite of solutions on a secure cloud-based IT platform that improves productivity, governance and efficiency for charity organisations.